STRESS THE MUSICAL! Where did the idea come from?

Dan was speaking frequently on the topic of stress and whenever possible in his packed schedule, playing music at practice or gigs with The Scarlet Verbs band. Anyone talking to him about either activity could sense his commitment to getting the stress beating message out and his joy of being in a band. Immersed in these two passions, he suddenly saw the potential. How could he combine them? First, he had to persuade his bandmates, but finally the trio took up the task of melding his talks with live performed song favorites to convey the message more effectively.

live music, harmony, a big message and in-person connection

Script-writing, drafting, re-writes, practices, run-throughs took hours and hours until the first versions were performed. Each venue had requests that we honored and the changes helped hone the musical to its current 55-minute, music-packed, live performance. As we play LIVE in new locations, we are certain there will be more revisions, different song choices, new social factoids to include, debunk or laugh about and we welcome the evolution. Talk to us about YOUR needs. Let’s get started!