“Inspirational and eye-opening!” Michael, Las Vegas NV

A musical comedy about stress? Absolutely! With information, skits, audience participation and… music! 75 minutes of “edutainment” about stress and how we can defeat it. Please watch the five brief videos to get an overview of our presentation.

“Informative, thought provoking and entertaining!” Bridget, Apple Valley CA

A superintendent of schools, a psychologist and a software engineer form a band…  Sounds like the opening line of a joke! But, no, it is The Scarlet Verbs, voted Lake Tahoe area’s favorite band for the last two years. Scarlet is for passion; Verbs is for action. Passion without action is a waste of energy, and action without passion is a waste of time. But when passion and action come together, anything is possible.

“Very pertinent, very well-organized and very, very good!” Paul, Yakima WA

As Jeff Kaye wrote in the brochure for his International School Safety Conference, which featured “Stress: The Musical!”  “Stress is the silent killer. The odds of an active gunman showing up at your workplace are extremely small, but the odds of stress showing up are 100%.”

“What you are doing is so unique and so helpful!” Shellie, VA