More…for less stress

Together, we offer custom trainings, experiences and group bonding activities using the latest in therapeutic and educational techniques to teach ways to combat stress, but also inspire creativity and collaboration.

Dan, the drummer, and main speaker on stress, will speak with you and gauge your needs and see how we can best help.

Yes, in addition to the choregraphed presentation – STRESS THE MUSICAL – we offer related workshops and retreats. From half day to two days, with your input we tailor the message to fit your needs.

Bonus! The band made up of Dan, Margaret and Nathan, called The Scarlet Verbs, loves to entertain. We can offer over 4 hours of rock and alternative music for relaxing social events.

Margaret Dixon, Ph.D., is launching a low cost coping support phone app for professionals that serve and lead others. It isn’t therapy but an opportunity to focus on how to best fight stress, connect and increase motivation and accountability. Learn more on her site

Thinking beyond the Keynote…